Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Comparing dog breeds  
Compare Dog Breeds
Compare Dog Breeds
In this time of global economic crisis, people all over the world have become too conscious on how to spend their hard-earned money. Luxuries have taken a back seat as essentials are on top of the priority list of household expenditures.

This principle holds true to dog enthusiasts, too. Though they cannot strip dogs off their lifestyle, they have become more conscious in selecting only the breed that they really long to have at the moment. Choosing the best dog then became a critical assignment.

There are more than a hundred dog varieties in the market today, each having a distinct characteristic. The choice will depend greatly on the lifestyle, financial capability and time availability of the would-be dog owner.

Dog breeds are compared in various aspects, but most often they are categorized according to their size and physical appearance.

There are tiny dogs, small, medium-sized, large and giant dogs. The tiny breed or often called Toy breeds are those with weights range from 2 to 9 pounds, These are placed in the Toy dog category, because these are good "toys" especially for children and for people who are not blessed with large houses. These would include Italian Greyhound, Chinese Crested and Chihuahua.

Generally, small dogs are those which weigh between 7 to 35 pounds. Top dog breeds under this category are Maltese, Japanese Chins, Pomeranians and Pugs.

Medium-sized breed dogs are those with weights starting from 35 pounds to as much as 65 pounds. Famous breeds under this category are Airedale, American Staffordshire terriers and American Water Spaniel.

Large dog breeds are those belonging to the 55 to 85 pounds weight group. Some under this category are German Shepherd, English Setter, Boxer, Collie, Afghan Hound and Doberman Pinscher.

As they are big in size, these types of pets require larger homes and their size demands more food, time for health maintenance and exercise. However, many prefer large dogs over small breeds because these are famous for training services. With their generally good temper, these are utilized to assist blind people.

Giant breed dogs are those whose weights start from 75 to 120 pounds and above. Famous under this category are Akita, with average weight of 80 to 100 pounds, Anatolian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain dog and Bloodhound. With their huge sizes and great strength , these dog breeds are trained to perform so called "heavier chores".

Like the Bernese , famous in Switzerland, is used to pull heavy loads and steer livestock. On the other hand, Bloodhound is famous among police organizations because of its distinct tracking characteristics.

However, size is not the only consideration in the selection of dogs for the house, there are other factors to be considered.

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