Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Selective Breeding or Artificial Selection  
Selective Breeding
Selective Breeding
Breeders of animals are looking to grow dogs, cats and other animals with certain desirable attribute, such as resistance to dieses, different physical shapes, animal character and others. The main objective is to benefit animal as well as owner. For instance, by making dog less aggressive, we can prevent dangerous behavior that may lead to loss of human life.

Selective breeding is usually done by selecting two members of the species and trying to reproduce which will inherit characteristics of both parents. Usually selection of two species is based on dominant representation of particular genes. This can be life longevity. So, by crossing two animals we can get next generation that possesses this gene and live longer live. The idea behind this method is to make sure that eventual offspring will inherit all genes from two parents that allow it to live longer. By selecting breeding a hybrid is produced with desirable qualities. Continues tracking of offspring’s and selective breeding will increase a chance of having most complete set of desirable genes in the animal.

The offspring becomes heterozygous in other word will possess one predominant gene as well as one recessive gene. The most desirable effect is to have true cross which means having two animals one with AAbb and another with AAbb genes. This process is also called artificial selection or as our article title specifies selective breeding. This is not nature course of crossbreeding but never the less is safe one. Since genes are not adjusted in any way.

This process of selecting parents is called artificial selection or selective breeding, and poses no threat to nature from man manipulating the the course of nature. It has allowed our species to increase the efficiency of the animals and plants we breed, such as increasing milk yield from cows by continuously breeding selected cows with one another to produce a hybrid.

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