Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Cat Breeds  
Cat Breeds
Cat Breeds
Our forefathers survived in this world mostly by depending on the law of nature. They fish using bare hands, eat almost raw foods, limit their activities to daytime because there was no light and allow animals to survive as they do. They hardly made experiments on new things until the dawn of civilization. Domestication of animals and artificial breeding, was a totally unknown concept to them. But with the advancement of civilization, man has gradually improved his lifestyle and the creatures in his environment.

Today, the concept of artificially breeding animals is as common as domesticating them, especially dogs and cats. On the whole, artificial breeding is reproducing animals using scientific processes with the goal of producing a better offspring.

Based on historical records, cats were one of the first pets of man, and also one of the most popular, even more than dogs. More people prefer cats over dogs, saying these feline creatures make better companions and have longer lifespan, with very little maintenance needed.

A cat breed is a classification of domestic cats, with specific characteristics which distinguishes them from others. There are two major classifications of cat breeds namely long haired and short haired cats yet there are sub-categories under these two. Some Cat registries show 40 breeds while others show 70 breeds.

The breed of a cat can easily be seen in its physical appearance, especially colors. Different breeds vary in colors and looks. Siamese cats for instance are commonly black while Persian cats on the other hand are identified by their hair and body type.

Every pedigreed cat has its distinct characteristics. Despite its more expensive price, cat lovers still prefer the purebred kittens because these most likely adopt to their lifestyle, thus giving them priceless joy.

Some breeds have ancestry that trace back to thousands of years ago, The Japanese Bobtail for example, has been in existence more than 1,000 years ago. These were the most popular cats during Medieval Japan.

There are five most popular cat breeds in the world: Persian characterized by its long coat, sweet personality and ability to blend well with the household; Maine Coon which are long-haired and good mouse hunters; Exotic which look like teddy bears with short and thick coats; Siamese, which has aristocratic head, stiff ear and short coat; and Abyssinian with very elegant looks, mostly seen in Egyptian sculptures.

There are a wide range of cat breeds to choose from, cat lovers just have to make a wise choice, depending on his interest and lifestyle. And regardless of what breed one chooses, what is more important is the love, affection and attention he can give his future pet because cats are as sensitive as human beings.

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