Monday, May 29, 2023
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Select a legitimate dog breeder  
Selecting Breeder
Selecting Breeder
Need a dog breeder? Well, people’s first impulse is to get the directory and search for listed breeders and more often their first consideration would be one nearest their home. However, is this enough consideration?

Getting a breeder, just like scouting for a dog pet is not as simple as it seems. There are several qualifications we ought to consider. A breeder is one whose profession is to mate selected animals to produce a renewed offspring, carrying the best characteristics of the source.

The practice of breeding is a science in itself as experiments and hypotheses have to established first before actual propagation. With this, the breeder has to go through a series of studies, disqualifying just anybody to breed as they please. Breeding for the sake of fun may inflict harm on both the parents and the would-be offspring.

These people who are not equipped with the proper training and education and breed for the sake of profit abound nowadays. They are commonly called “backyard breeders”, they lack the scientific know-how and do not have the necessary licenses required of a legitimate breeder. These are the people behind the proliferation of “puppy mills”, who receive the brunt of animal rights activists.

So would-be dog buyers are advised to be extra careful in selecting the breeders they negotiate with. How do we differentiate a legitimate breeder from one they call “fly-by-night”?

First is to make a personal investigation. By personally talking with the breeder, legitimacy can be established. A legitimate breeder would be very cooperative and willing to answer all questions. He will likewise be very eager to give you pieces of advise on how to choose the right breed and teach you how to get the best deal.

You are sure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder if he is willing to share information on the health condition, tests, proofs of guarantee against genetic diseases of the parents and the offspring. If he keeps these vital information, he must be covering up something serious about the animal.

During the negotiation, he will not offer a “money back guarantee”, instead, offer to take the dog and give you a replacement in case you notice anything unusual on the dog’s condition while under your care. A contract, duly signed and understood by both the buyer and the breeder will also be provided.

Because it is difficult to be competent in more than four breeds, a legitimate breeder usually limits his breeds to less. He is also open to join genuine and respectable breeders organizations.

A reputable breeder sets profit as his last priority, keeping the welfare of the dog in his new home as his top priority in selling.

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